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Quadro CUDA Solution for ADobe Mercury Playback Engine is available on our entire Adobe Workstation line

DreamStation Custom Video Editing
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Intel Core i7



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Custom Built Turnkey Computer Video Editing Workstation for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Intel Core i5 or i7 - DreamStation - MX8


...starting at $1945 with Intel Z97 Chipset and Intel Core i5 and available Thunderbolt

This workstation is designed for entry level use with programs like CyberLink Power Director, Corel Video Studio, Adobe Creative Suite CS6, and Adobe Creative Cloud

Our Z97 workstation is based on the Intel Z97 platform. The system offers a a great entry level price, with the ability to expand. Upgrade to the optional Thunderbolt 2 version 2 Thunderbolt ports, built in wireless, NFC, Bluetooth, and more.

Choose from a wide range of options including SSD drives, Haswell Core i7 CPUs, Haswell CPUs, BIGGER hard drives,  RAM options up to 32GB, and more.

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Custom Built Turnkey Computer Video Editing Workstation for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

Intel Core i7 - DreamStation - MX12


...starting at $2895 with Intel X79 Chipset and Intel Core i7

This powerful system is our best seller. It is based on the Intel x79 Extreme platform. The system offers a QUAD Channel memory controller and has been refreshed with 6 Core (HEXA CORE) 4th Generation Ivy Bridge-E Intel CPU options. Applications like Sony Vegas Pro and After Effects benefit from the extra cores.

This system offers our BEST value and performance ratio for under $5000

Choose from a wide range of options including 6 core CPU’s, SSD drives, protected drive arrays, Single and Dual Nvidia GeForce and Quadro options, RAM expansion up to 64GB and more.

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Intel Dual XEON - DreamStation - MX48


...starting at $7989 with Dual 10 or 12 Core XEON CPUs

EDITING IN 2K OR 4K? THIS SYSTEM is the one that can do it.  Choose from 20 physical processing cores with 40 logical cores or a MASSIVE 24 physical cores with 48 logical cores. Choose this Dual XEON power system if you want a workstation capable of extreme multi-tasking and rendering power never before available in a tower or rack-mount computer video workstation for your 2K, 4K, and 5K productions.

Choose from a wide range of options including SSD drives, Single and Dual Quadro K6000  + Tesla (Maximus), Dual XEON 10/12 Core CPUs, up to 32TB of RAID-0 or 16TB of RAID 10 internal storage,
 RAM options up to 512GB, and a whole lot more.          

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Mobile EDIT Notebooks - Mobile EDIT for Adobe Creative Cloud


...starting at $3195

We have 2 mobile workstations for Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6 Suites. One offers the best of mobility and battery life, comes with a Thunderbolt port, and has the power to push through complex projects. The second system is a true desktop in a notebook form, and is powerful enough for realtime 2K editing.

Add SSD drives, bigger hard drives, 32GB of RAM, and a whole lot more.


 Check out this video from Adobe to learn about new features in Creative Cloud for 2014


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