Vegas Pro Computers

Our new Vegas Pro systems are optimized and designed for use with Magix Vegas Pro. Magix acquired the Sony Creative Software this past summer and has already released a new version. 

e offer three levels of performance for our Vegas Pro systems.  Vegas pro benefits from Intel ‘Quick Sync Video’ which has been greatly enhanced in the new ‘Kaby Lake’ systems at a very affordable price. ‘Quick Sync Video’ technology helps with H.264 and H.265 encoding.

Vegas Pro also uses all cores you have available when rendering new tracks and our Broadwell-E based system for for Vegas Pro offers up to 12 Cores in a single socket. The system comes standard with a powerful AMD card that has support for OpenCL, which is the preferred language for Vegas Pro and is similar to NVIDIA's CUDA technology. You can also choose an NVIDA GeForce or Quadro card.

Our Dual XEON system offers the ultimate performance with Vegas Pro with up to 24 cores available and a wide range of storage options.

Click on each system below to configure the system and see all the available options.

Please call us with any questions you may have at 1-877-203-0871 x205.

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