EDIUS PRO Computers

Our DreamStation EDIUS PRO Video Editing Computers have been specifically engineered for optimal performance with the latest versions of Grass Valley EDIUS PRO 8 and Davinci Resolve.

These powerful systems are optimized for HD to 8K post production, encoding, and real time color grading. We offer three different levels of pricing and performance. Our brand new Kaby Lake system is quite fast encoding and makes for a great starter system and it supports Intel's Quick Sync Video' technology which greatly accelerates H.264 encoding in EDIUS PRO with future support for H.265 planned.

Our Core i7 Broadwell based solution offers up to a 10 Core processor and 128GB of RAM. Our Dual XEON systems are optimized to handle a large number of PCI-e cards. If you plan on having a discreet sound card, RAID controller, 10GBe card, Thunderbolt, and/or Dual GPUs then you should consider this system. 

For the ultimate in portable video editing solutions, you can choose from our very powerful notebooks shown below.

Please call us with any questions you may have at 1-877-203-0871 x205.

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