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About Us

Video Hardware Services LLC is a national solution provider for the content creation industries. We design and custom build complete turnkey video editing workstations for video editing, post production, 3D animation, and color grading.

Our History

Video Hardware Services was formed in 1988 by Bernie Howes and Blaine Holm as a VCR repair shop. Our name, "Video Hardware Services”, was originally created to be an acronym for VHS which was the consumer video tape standard back in the 1980s. Blaine and Bernie operated the business part-time out of their homes while still employed with a local computer repair shop.

In 1989, Blaine discovered the Commodore Amiga computer at a local computer store. The Amiga had ground breaking graphics, true multitasking, 4 channel stereo sound, and video capabilities never seen on a desktop computer in 1986. The Commodore Amiga had 4096 colors while the IBM PC had just 16 colors, and the MAC was still black and white.

After a few years of scraping together money and equipment, and as new devices for video were invented for the Amiga; VHS was ready for something new. After Blaine finished his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management in 1991, the company decided to produce a series of training videos that demonstrated VCR repair for technicians already in the business. These were produced using the Amiga computer and Video Toaster Flyer system from NewTek and the company sold thousands of copies.

In the late 90’s most of the company’s revenue came from selling turnkey workstations based on the newly revived Amiga and NewTek’s Video Toaster Flyer. As Windows started to mature and Amiga was bankrupt again, the company focused on PC based video editing workstations.

Why buy from us?

If you buy a computer from a mass producer like Dell or HP; they will not understand your video applications and will likely just give you generic advice when you run into trouble. Both of these companies make quality systems; however they are designed for a much broader market. A video workstation is not the same as an engineering workstation, server, or a home desktop.

Some of our exclusive benefits include:
  • The storage drives in our systems are easily removable from the front without ever opening the case. The backplane we use also maximizes power and limits cabling to provide better cooling throughout the system, all while keeping the system extremely quiet.
  • Our Remote Tech support service is how we keep you running. You can actually SHOW us what is happening and we will figure it out remotely. You can stay on the phone with us, or go about your business, while we solve your issue. It is included with EVERY SYSTEM.
  • Each system is expertly assembled, with cables tied off to maximize airflow, while maintaining the ability for you to add your own components. Our techs take their time building your system properly.
  • We actually use the software you are running so we know how to fix almost any issue.

Fast forward to today

Over the years we have gained a large amount of knowledge and how the industry continues to evolve. We are in a unique position to understand both the hardware and the software you use. Our company still operates on a philosophy of under promising and over delivering. We will never leave you without a solution.

‘Freedom of Imagination’ is now possible for everyone.