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Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects Systems

We offer the a comprehensive selection of the best Adobe Premiere Pro and After effects based computer systems. Our workstations for 2010 have been specifically engineered for content creators that use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020, After Effects CC, Photoshop CC, Audition, etc. and Davinci Resolve.

Our Intel Core i9K system is the perfect starter system with a decent integrated GPU that is supported by Adobe CC 2018. This system offers the ability to add a dedicated GPU down the road when your needs demand it.

Our Intel Core i9X 10 Series based solution offers up to an 18 Core processor, up to 128GB of 4 channel DDR4-3000 RAM. This is the recommended solution for 4K, 8K and beyond.


The brand new Mobile-EDIT series of notebooks we offer for Adobe CC enable desktop performance in a highly portable form with USB3.1 Type C and support for up to 3 external displays.

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