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We offer two levels of performance for our EDIUS Pro systems.  EDIUS pro uses Intel ‘Quick Sync Video’ which has been greatly enhanced in the new ‘Core i9K’ systems at a very affordable price.

EDIUS leverages ‘Quick Sync Video’ technology in our Intel Core i9K systems to accelerate h.264 and h.265 encoding and decoding (timeline playback). EDIUS Pro also uses all cores you have available when encoding, decoding, and GPUfx. Our Core i9K system offers an 8 core CPU and Quick Sync Video.

Our best system for EDIUS Pro 9 is built on the new Intel 'Core i9X' which offers up to a 18 Core Core i9 CPU in a single socket for unprecedented performance. An nVIDIA card is standard equipment in this system and it can make a big difference for tight deadlines.

EDIUS Pro now takes full advantage of nVIDIA graphic cards to boost effects and accelerate h.264/h,265 (HEVC) encoding using the nVIDIA NVENC hardware encoder. HEVC stands for High Efficient Video Codec and is the new standard for recording and exporting. Typical h.265 exports are about 3 times faster in EDIUS with an nVIDIA 2080ti card vs the Intel Quick Sync.

For the ultimate in portable video editing solutions, you can choose from our very powerful notebooks shown below.

Please call us with any questions you may have at 1-877-203-0871 x1

Check out some breaking news about the new version due early next year, buy now and get the 9.5 upgrade for free.

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